Lincoln Log Cabin
402 S. Lincoln Highway Road
Lerna, Il 62440
Volunteer Pioneers

In 1981 the Volunteer Pioneers, Inc. was formed to provide opportunities for volunteering at Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site.  Its mission and purpose is to assist in the interpretation and daily duties needed to operate the 86 acre site.  In 2010, volunteers gave over 13,000 hours of their time to ensure that Lincoln Log Cabin was open and accessible to visitors from all 50 states and many other countries. Many opportunities are available to serve as a volunteer. Volunteers sew period clothing worn by our interpreters, work concessions at special events, work the gardens on both the Lincoln and Sargent farms, and help with the landscaping to maintain the beauty and accessibility of the site for visitors.  The Visitors Center, which is staffed entirely by volunteers, houses a museum, an exhibition gallery and auditorium, where a short video prepares visitors for their trip to the farm. The gift shop has period items of interest for purchase and is also operated by volunteers.
Volunteers interpret rural life in the 1840s and bring the farms to life.  Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site is the only site in the state of Illinois to offer regular first person interpretation, to put it rather simply, volunteers portray the folks who lived in this area in 1845.  Cooking, mending, laundry, butter making, rail splitting, barn mucking and caring for livestock are just some of daily tasks that are done by the interpreters who encourage visitors to try their hand at various tasks.



Get Involved!
Opportunities for involvement are many and varied.  If you have time to help and a love of history, Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site is the place to volunteer! Click here for more details..

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